How Property Tax Prorations Work in Ohio

One of the most confusing aspects of homebuying in Ohio is the calculation for property tax prorations. In fact, many Realtors, Loan Officers and Mortgage Underwriters screw up the calculation and in the end the title company has to fix it at closing. While it’s not a dealbreaker for the title company to fix the […]

How To Buy A Condo With A VA Loan

Did you know that a VA mortgage loan can be used to purchase a condominium? This is a great benefit of the VA mortgage program.  Many Realtors are not accepting VA offers on condos and this is a shame.  With good negotiation skills by the Loan Officer and Buyer’s Agent, along with education, it can […]

Lesser Known Veterans Charities Serving The Dayton Community


With Giving Tuesday coming up, I decided to highlight a few of our local Veterans charities that serve the Dayton community. If you are able, please support one or more of these wonderful organizations. Veteran Voices Project The Veterans’ Voices Project is a combined effort by Wright State University‚Äôs Veteran and Military Center and local NPR station WYSO. […]

Closing Costs For VA Mortgage Loans in Ohio

family home

If you are a veteran and thinking about buying a home, one of the first things you may be wondering is: “How Much Are The Closing Costs For A VA Mortgage Loan in Ohio?” In this post, I’ll tell you a bit about how much you can expect to pay for closing costs of a […]

Veterans’ Voices Project at Wright State University

Veterans Voices’ is a joint project between Wright State University and WYSO to allow Veterans to share stories from their military service. According to the Veterans’ Voices website, the project began with the idea that Veterans talking to other Veterans about their military experience could help bridge generations. More than 200 interviews later, it remains […]

Looking for Speaking Gigs

I need a quick favor…. I’m currently booking speaking gigs and need your help finding places to speak. I’m speaking about the topic of VA Mortgage Loans. My sessions are anything from a 10 minute Q and A session to a full 2.5 hour CE class. I’ve spoken at a few events already and the response has been […]

Veterans Memorial Museum Foundation in Germantown, Ohio

I recently had the honor of visiting the Veterans Memorial Museum Foundation in Germantown, Ohio. While the Air Force Museum gets all the attention, this is also one heck of a military museum. If you are anything like me, you probably didn’t have any idea it was there. The Veterans Museum Foundation is all about […]

VA Cashout vs VA Streamline Mortgage Refinance


Wondering what the difference is between the VA Cashout Mortgage program and the VA Streamline refinance? Check out this handy chart! Cashout Streamline Max Loan 100% of property value (if there’s enough entitlement and net tangible benefit) Amount of current VA loan plus closing and funding fee costs, not to exceed 100% of property value […]