Carlos Scarpero- Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio Mortgage Broker

Jumbo Mortgage Loans in Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio

Need to borrow over the conventional loan limit? Jumbo loans are for you!

Minimum Down Payment: 5%, (higher for larger loan amounts)

Minimum Credit Score: 700

Minimum Loan Amount: $726,200 in Ohio (higher in high cost markets)

Maximum Loan Amount: varies by credit score

Maximum Debt Ratio: 43% (lower for larger loan amounts)

Frequently Asked Questions About Jumbo Mortgage Loans

What is a Jumbo mortgage?

Jumbo mortgages are mortgages for people that are over the conventional loan limits that have excellent credit.

What are the credit score requirements for a Jumbo loan?

Each lender set their own standards and our minimum credit score for a Jumbo mortgage is 700.

Can I get a Jumbo Mortgage loan with a bankruptcy or foreclosure?

Potential borrowers will need to wait 7 years after a bankruptcy or foreclosure to qualify for a Jumbo Mortgage loan with us.

What are debt ratio limits on your Jumbo Mortgage program?

Depending on the program, you can go as high as a 43% debt ratio but with larger loan amounts this is lower.

What is the minimum down payment required?

Our program starts at 5% down but is higher for larger loan amounts.

What is mortgage insurance (PMI)?

If you put down less than 20% then you will need to pay for mortgage insurance. This will be included in your monthly payment and you will know what this amount is when you apply. The PMI gets removed when you get to 20% equity in your home.

Is there a limit to how much I can borrow on Jumbo mortgage financing?

Each lender sets their own standards for loan limits on the Jumbo program. Our limit is $3 million.

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