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VA Home Loans in Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio

Are you looking to get a VA home loan in or near Dayton or Cincinnati, Ohio?

I can help. I am a Dayton, Ohio based VA Mortgage Specialist.

Over 50% of the mortgage loans that I originate are VA home loans.

As a full service mortgage broker with 110 different lenders to choose from, I have access to all of the VA mortgage programs including VA purchase, VA cash out refinance, VA IRRRL Streamline Refinance, VA renovation, VA one time close construction, VA manual Underwriting for low credit scores and VA no credit score.

VA home loans have the following benefits.

Vetted VA logoI am proud to have completed the Vetted VA certification program.

Vetted VA is a program that allows loan officers to demonstrate that they have superior knowledge of the VA mortgage program.  

Less than 1% of loan officers out there have completed this certification.

The Vetted VA program also provides me a network of loan officers all around the country that can help. This means that any help needed to get the loan closed in a timely manner will get figured out quickly and easily.

About VA Loans In Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio

Down Payment Required: None

Minimum Credit Score: None officially, but most lenders have their own minimum credit score

Other Requirements: Must be a Veteran

Frequently Asked Questions About VA Mortgage Loans

What is a VA mortgage loan?

A VA mortgage loan is a special mortgage program for Veterans to buy homes with zero money down. The VA does not issue the funds but provides insurance to protect the lender in case of foreclosure.

Do you only offer VA mortgage loans?

I am a VA Mortgage Specialist and over 50% of my production is VA home loans. However, I am a full service mortgage broker and also offer other mortgage programs like FHA, Conventional, USDA, Reverse, Non QM and more.

Do you only do business in the Dayton and Cincinnati areas?

My primary market is the Dayton, Ohio suburbs near Wright Patterson Air Force Base like Beavercreek, Centerville, Fairborn, Huber Heights, Kettering, Miamisburg, Springboro, Trotwood, Vandalia, Xenia, etc.

My secondary market is Cincinnati and surrounding areas.

I also do quite a bit of VA business in other parts of Ohio like Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo and Youngstown.

Do you lend in any other states?

Yes, I’m licensed in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

Additionally, through our corporate referral program, I am authorized to lend in 45 states. If your needs are outside of my coverage areas, I am connected to loan officers all around the country that can help.

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What is the VA loan limit in Dayton, Ohio?

Per the VA Handbook, VA mortgage loans do not have a loan limit in Dayton, Ohio or any other city. That being said, lenders are allowed to have their own limits on VA home loans. 

What is the limit for zero down VA home loans in Dayton, Ohio?

Per the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019, VA home loans do not have any limits for going zero down. This applies in Dayton, Ohio or any other market, assuming the veteran has full entitlement and qualifies with enough credit and income. If the veteran has a second VA home loan active at the time of closing, then the zero down limit would be limited by the amount of available entitlement. Per the VA Handbook, for any VA home loan above the available entitlement, the veteran would need to put down 25% of the difference between the loan amount and available entitlement. 

Who qualifies for VA mortgage loans?

The rules for who qualifies varies on the type of military service the veteran is trying to qualify under. Active duty military personnel qualify after 3 months if they get the loan while still on duty. If they get it after discharge, they need 2 years of service. Reservists and National Guard members need 6 years of service but this can be lowered if they were called up under Title 10 or Title 63. These requirements may be waived at the VA’s discretion if the Veteran was discharged due to a service related disability. Additionally, surviving spouses qualify for VA home financing if the veteran passed away due to a service related injury.

What are the credit score requirements for a VA loan?

There is no official minimum credit score required for a VA mortgage loan. Each lender sets their own minimum credit requirement. However, it can be difficult to get a VA mortgage loan if the veteran has a credit score below 580.

How does the VA view Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Per the VA Handbook,  Chapter 7 bankruptcy typically needs to be discharged for at least 2 years to qualify for VA financing. There are some exceptions in the guidelines where it can be approved in as little as one year if extenuating circumstances exist.

Can I get a VA loan with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

For a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the repayment plan needs to have been paid for at least one year. If it’s not yet discharged, court approval will be needed.

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Can I get a VA loan after a foreclosure?

VA allows you to have a foreclosure on your credit report as long as it’s been at least 2 years since the Sheriff filed the Sheriff’s Deed with the county recorder. There are some exceptions on this in as little as one year with extenuating circumstances. Keep in mind, that in a foreclosure, the old loan will be charged against available entitlement.

What are debt ratio limits on VA mortgage loans?

There is no official debt ratio limit, but can be hard to get approved if the debt ratio is over 50%. VA also takes residual income into consideration as well. This is the income you have left over after all bills, including utilities and child card are paid. This is slightly different than the way other loan programs do this.

What is the minimum down payment required for a VA mortgage loan?

VA mortgage loans have no down payment!

How does VA view chargeoffs on my credit?

It is possible to get approved for VA financing with chargeoffs on your credit report. 

How are non medical collections handled on VA loans?

You will need a valid explanation for any non medical collection account. Depending on the circumstances, a payment plan may be needed.

How are medical collections viewed on VA loans?

Medical collections are ignored in debt ratio calculations and do not need to be paid off before closing.

How does VA view student loans?

Student loans have special rules when you are applying for VA financing.  If the student loan is on deferment and will be deferred for at least one year after the time of mortgage application, it can be ignored from debt ratio calculations. If it’s on a regular payment, then that payment amount is used. If it’s on Income Based Repayment (IBR), then the calculation for debt ratio purposes is 5% of the loan balance divided by 12.

Can I get a VA mortgage loan if I have mortgage lates on my credit?

You are allowed up to one mortgage late in the past 12 months with automated underwriting. You may be able to get approved with more on your credit but you will need manual underwriting and will need a good reason as to why it was late.

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What is automated underwriting (AUS)?

When applying for a VA mortgage loan, mortgage lenders will either send the file to Desktop Underwriter (DU) or Loan Product Advisor (LPA). This program takes into account the credit score, the debt ratio and savings (called reserves in the lending industry) to make a yes or no credit decision. Sometimes if the file is close, we can also use manual underwriting to evaluate the file.

Is there a limit to how much I can borrow on VA?

The VA guarantee for no money down mortgage loans is capped at $453,100 in Ohio for 2018 and is higher in high cost markets. You can borrow over this limit but a down payment will be required. 

How are married couples treated on VA loans?

For married couples, you can use both incomes and get the VA loan with no money down.

How are unmarried couples treated on VA loans?

For an unmarried couple consisting of a Veteran buying a home with a non Veteran, if both incomes are used, a 12.5% down payment is required. If only the Veteran’s income is being used, then this rule does not apply and then home can be purchased with no money down. If both unmarried borrowers are Veterans than entitlement can be split and done as a zero down purchase.

What is the VA funding fee?

Instead of mortgage insurance, the VA charges a funding fee as part of the closing costs. This insures the lender in the case of a foreclosure. This fee varies based on whether the Veteran was in active duty or Reserves and the amount of money that’s being put down.  For first time homebuyers this fee ranges from 2.15-2.3% on a zero down purchase. This fee is waived if the Veteran has a service related disability

Testimonial From Dan Bragg

I had gotten the runaround from another VA lender but you made it happen. Thank you Carlos!

Testimonial From Rodney Foster

Carlos made the process of getting a VA loan simple and I had no worries.

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