How To Buy A Condo With A VA Loan

Did you know that a VA mortgage loan can be used to purchase a condominium? This is a great benefit of the VA mortgage program.  Many Realtors are not accepting VA offers on condos and this is a shame.  With good negotiation skills by the Loan Officer and Buyer’s Agent, along with education, it can […]

The Complete Guide To The VA Streamline Refinance, IRRRL

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As mortgage rates have tumbled over the last few months, you may be wondering if the IRRRL (pronounced “Earl”) program is right for you. In this post, I’ll explain what the IRRRL is and how to qualify for it.  What is the IRRRL program? The IRRRL, pronounced “Earl”, short for Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan […]

Dave Ramsey is Wrong About VA Loans

Dave Ramsey is Wrong About VA Loans

I recently read a blog post written by Dave Ramsey regarding the VA Mortgage loan program. In it, Dave’s advice wasn’t just a little bit off. It was flat out wrong! Dave has mentioned VA loans several times on his show, all with the same bad advice. In this particular case, since it’s in print, […]