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VA Renovation Loans in Washington

Are you looking to get a VA renovation loan in Washington?

I can help. I am a VA Mortgage Specialist.

Over 50% of the mortgage loans that I originate are VA home loans and many of these are VA renovation loans.

As a full service mortgage broker with 110 different lenders to choose from, I have several options for VA renovation loans in Washington.

VA renovation home loans have the following benefits.

Vetted VA logoI am proud to have completed the Vetted VA certification program and am an active moderator for the Vetted VA community.

Less than 1% of loan officers in the country have completed this certification. Each member of the Vetted VA community is expected to conduct themselves with the utmost integrity and have positive reviews.

This is important because you will have access to the most accurate VA information anywhere and I will be able to handle any VA related scenario that comes across my desk. If there’s a VA deal to be done, I’ll find a way to make it happen!

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I am the bestselling author of the Amazon bestselling book, VA Loans Made Easy.

“Carlos has masterfully demystified the VA loan process, offering concise and easily digestible explanations. His approach is akin to a beginner’s manual for VA loans, where he skillfully distills intricate details into comprehensible segments. This book comes highly recommended for anyone seeking a clearer insight into VA loans.” – Marianne Bailey,

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About VA Renovation Loans In Washington

Down Payment Required: None

Minimum Credit Score: None officially, but most lenders have their own minimum credit score

Other Requirements: Must be a Veteran

Frequently Asked Questions About VA Renovation Loans In Washington

What is a VA renovation mortgage loan?

A VA renovation loan, also known as a VA rehab loan or VA renovation and purchase loan, is a VA loan for remodeling that is offered to eligible veterans and service members by approved VA rehab loan lenders. This loan program combines the benefits of a VA home loan with additional funds to cover the costs of home renovations or repairs. It allows veterans to purchase a property that needs some degree of renovation or remodeling and finance both the purchase price and the renovation expenses into a single loan. This can be a great option for veterans looking to buy a fixer-upper and transform it into their dream home.

The VA renovation loan falls under the VA’s broader Home Loan Guaranty Program, which aims to help veterans achieve homeownership with favorable terms and conditions. Like other VA loans, VA renovation loans are backed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, which means that lenders can offer more competitive interest rates and relaxed qualifying requirements.

It’s important to note that VA reno loans are different from traditional VA home purchase loans or VA cash-out refinances. While VA purchase loans help veterans buy move-in ready homes, and VA cash-out refinances allow them to tap into their home’s equity for cash, VA renovation loans are specifically designed to finance the purchase and renovation of a fixer-upper property.

Overall, VA renovation loans offer a valuable opportunity for eligible veterans to turn a fixer-upper into their ideal home while still benefiting from the advantages of a VA-backed mortgage.

Do you only offer VA renovation mortgage loans?

VA renovation is one of several programs that I offer. I am a full service mortgage broker with VA, FHA, Conventional, USDA, Non QM and more.

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What types of improvements can be financed with a VA renovation loan?

VA renovation loans offer flexibility when it comes to the types of renovations and repairs that can be financed. Generally, the goal is to improve the property’s condition and livability, enhancing its overall value. Common eligible renovations and repairs include:

Home Remodeling: Veterans can use VA renovation loans to remodel existing spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, basements, or adding an additional room.

Accessibility Improvements: Veterans can use the loan to make their home more accessible, such as installing ramps, wider doorways, or roll-in showers to accommodate mobility challenges.

Energy-Efficient Upgrades: Improving the home’s energy efficiency with features like energy-efficient windows, insulation, or HVAC systems may also be included in the loan.

Plumbing and Electrical Work: Renovation loans can cover upgrades or repairs to plumbing and electrical systems to meet current safety standards.

Flooring and Painting: Funds can be allocated for installing new flooring, painting the interior and exterior, or any other cosmetic improvements.

It’s important to note that while the loan allows for a wide range of renovations, the scope and extent of the improvements must align with local building codes and regulations. Additionally, the renovations must be deemed reasonable and necessary by the lender and the VA.

When applying for a VA renovation loan, borrowers will need to provide detailed plans and cost estimates for the proposed renovations. The lender will review these plans to ensure they comply with VA guidelines and will require that the renovations be completed by licensed contractors.

Overall, VA renovation loans provide veterans with the financial means to make essential upgrades and improvements to their homes, enhancing their quality of life and increasing the property’s value in the process.

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Do You Only Offer The VA Renovation Program in Washington?

I can lend anywhere in Washington including: Auburn, Bellevue, Bellingham, Everett, Federal Way, Kennewick, Kent, Kirkland, Lakewood, Marysville, Pasco, Redmond, Renton, Richland, Seattle, Shoreline, Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver, Yakima 

I can provide VA renovation mortgage financing in all states where I am licensed. I’m currently licensed in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Florida, Texas, Alabama, Virginia, Tennessee, Arizona, Michigan, IllinoisMissouri, California, Georgia, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington. Additionally, through our corporate partner program, I am able to leverage our home office and offer mortgage financing in over 30 additional states.

Testimonial From Dan Bragg

I had gotten the runaround from another VA lender but you made it happen. Thank you Carlos!

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Carlos made the process of getting a VA loan simple and I had no worries.

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