Introducing FinLocker…A New Way To Prepare For Homeownership

Finlocker credit report

Introducing FinLocker… A New Way To Prepare For Home ownership I’m pleased to announce that I’m able to offer the FinLocker program to anyone that wants to get it. FinLocker is a FREE service that allows you to see your credit score and report, monitor your credit and get a “borrower readiness” assessment to see […]

How Property Tax Prorations Work in Ohio

One of the most confusing aspects of homebuying in Ohio is the calculation for property tax prorations. In fact, many Realtors, Loan Officers and Mortgage Underwriters screw up the calculation and in the end the title company has to fix it at closing. While it’s not a dealbreaker for the title company to fix the […]

How To Buy A Condo With A VA Loan

Did you know that a VA mortgage loan can be used to purchase a condominium? This is a great benefit of the VA mortgage program.  Many Realtors are not accepting VA offers on condos and this is a shame.  With good negotiation skills by the Loan Officer and Buyer’s Agent, along with education, it can […]

How To Get Your Offer Accepted in A Hot Market

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This year is proving to be one of the hottest years that we have ever had for Dayton real estate. In this market, you better be prepared to pounce as soon as the home hits the market. It’s not a matter of if there are going to be multiple offers. It’s a matter of how […]

Take The Mortgage Broker Challenge!

Remember the famous Pepsi challenge commercial from the 80’s? If you haven’t seen the commercial, they had anonymous testers drink a Pepsi and a Coke sample and compare their results. Of course, since it was a Pepsi commercial, the Pepsi won. I would like to challenge you to take a mortgage broker challenge.  Test my […]

2019 Mortgage Loan Limits Announced

The mortgage loan limits for 2019 have been announced. These are the maximum amounts that you can borrow on the various mortgage programs.  These limits are set by the various government agencies involved in these programs.  They typically increase annually as housing prices go up. The limits listed below are for most markets. All Ohio […]

How To Find A Home In A Competitive Market

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Inventory for home buyers is at a low point. All around the country, there’s intese competition for home buying. Even here in Dayton, the hot homes will sell quickly.So, how do you find the best deal before the others snap it up?Here are some tips…. Zillow and Trulia Data sucks, Don’t Trust It Zillow’s sales […]

Acceptable Sources of Down Payment Funds

It’s tax refund season again and one of the questions I often hear this time of year is “Can I use my tax refund as part of my down payment?” The answer is YES! Before I get into this though, let’s discuss how much you actually need. If you are buying with USDA or VA […]