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How The NAR Settlement Affects VA Home Buyers

The National Association of Realtors settled the commission lawsuit on March 15, 2024. 

Here are the ways that VA home buyers will be affected by the settlement.

Can VA home buyers pay buyer's side agent commissions?

Per VA guidelines, VA home buyers cannot pay buyer’s side real estate commissions. This includes any processing or assistant fees. The contract would need to say that the seller is paying all buyer’s side Realtor commissions.

Is the VA planning to change their policy in light of the NAR settlement?

It’s possible that the VA will issue new guidance and allow veterans to pay buyer’s side commissions. As of right now nothing has been announced.

Are VA offers now at a disadvantage in light of the NAR settlement?

VA buyers are possibly at a disadvantage now in light of the settlement but it is too early to know for sure.

Does the payment of buyer's side commissions by the seller count toward allowable seller concessions?

The seller’s payment of buyer’s side commissions is not considered a seller concession and would not count toward VA  concession limits.


While buyer commissions will change with the NAR ruling, it is still possible to buy a home with a VA home loan. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out at 937-572-3713 or

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