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Mortgage Programs

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There are many different types of mortgage programs that you can choose from. 

In general, most lenders offer very similar programs since most mortgages are underwritten and funded based on federal guidelines. 

From conventional mortgages, to VA mortgages, to FHA mortgages to USDA mortgages, to special programs for teachers and firefighters, there are a lot of programs to navigate.

Each program has its own set of downpayment rules, location rules, credit rules and other sets of rules. 

It's a jumbled mess!

So, how do you choose?

Luckily, you don't have to. Part of my job is to take the application and find the best mortgage for YOUR situation. This is where having an experienced competent licensed loan officer can really pay off.

If the government has it, we probably offer it. Call me today at 937-572-3713 and let me help you find the best program for you!