Ohio Property Tax Credit For Disabled Veterans - Carlos Scarpero, VA Mortgage Specialist, NMLS #1674385

Ohio Property Tax Credit For Disabled Veterans

Do you know of a veteran who is 100 percent disabled?

In many states, veterans who have a 100 percent disability rating can get a reduction on their property taxes. 

In Ohio, this is called the Homestead Exemption and the county will exempt $50,000 off the value of the home for tax purposes.

So for example, if the home is worth $100,000, the property is taxed as if it was worth $50,000.

This deduction is not automatic. You will need to file the paperwork with the County Auditor's office. 

If you are working with me, I will send you this paperwork at the time of closing. Just an added bonus of working with a VA specialist!

This deduction will come off of the next tax bill. 

Keep in mind that during the qualification process we will qualify you based on the regular amount of the taxes. Once the bill gets adjusted after closing, then we will update your escrow.

Have any questions about this program? Please do not hesitate to reach out to me to help!

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