Remember the famous Pepsi challenge commercial from the 80’s?

If you haven’t seen the commercial, they had anonymous testers drink a Pepsi and a Coke sample and compare their results.

Of course, since it was a Pepsi commercial, the Pepsi won.

I would like to challenge you to take a mortgage broker challenge. 

Test my rates and fees vs an online lender like Rocket Mortgage and see the results.

Yes, I get it online shopping is usually cheaper. I use Amazon too!

But in this case, you will find that a local mortgage broker like me is cheaper, more convenient, more knowledgeable and more available.

The bad ol days of 2008 are over!

I just did a side by side comparison of my rates and fees vs Rocket Mortgage and the results were shocking…

In this hypothetical scenario I looked at a VA loan at $200k putting zero down, credit score 805.

Rocket Mortgage AKA Quicken has that at 3.25% with 2 points in origination. It’s right there on their website if you want to look it up.

2 points in origination fees, taken directly from the Rocket website. Yikes!

So right off the bat $4000 in fees. I didn’t want to trigger their phone call, so I didn’t get a full fee sheet. I suspect it’s actually closer to $6000 in fees.

I challenge you to get a quote from me.

You will be pleasantly surprised.  

Due to compliance regulations and the fact that rates change every day (sometimes hourly), it’s hard to give an exact figure but let’s just say that in most cases it’s considerably better than what was quoted above from the Rocket.

But it gets better…

I’ll close at least a month faster. Average clear to close on this program is 11 days.

I’m local and will answer the phone.

Realtors prefer seeing a local name in a contract.

I’m very experienced in the VA program.

The Rocket just has better marketing. That money for fancy TV ads has to come from somewhere.

That somewhere is off the backs of Americas Vets.

Other online lenders are just as bad by the way. It’s happening all over.

Not a Veteran?

No problem, I’ll beat their rates and fees on Conventional and FHA mortgages too.

Please help me spread the word about this.

As always, if you need anything feel free to reach out to me at 937 572 3713 or click here to reach out to me.

Legal disclaimer: This is not an offer to lend. Please read all disclosures before making a borrowing decision.